Chatham TELUS Stores

Visit a Chatham TELUS store today for the latest Smartphones, iPhones, BlackBerry, Mobile Phones, Mobile Internet Devices, Prepaid and Bluetooth Accessories.

Future Shop
Pioneer Square
802 St. Claire Street
Chatham, ON
N7M 5J7
Phone: 519-354-5525
Kelcom Wireless
167 Keil Drive South
Chatham, ON
N7M 3H3
Phone: 519-351-2800
North Maple Centre
1-831 St. Clair St
Building F
Chatham, ON
N0P 1Z0
Phone: 519-351-0212
The Mobile Shop
Real Canadian Superstore
791 St Clair Street North
Chatham, ON
N7M 5J7
Phone: 519-351-7029