London TELUS Stores

Visit a London TELUS store today for the latest Smartphones, iPhones, BlackBerry, Mobile Phones, Mobile Internet Devices, Prepaid and Bluetooth Accessories.

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Across from Masonville Place
1-1735 Richmond Street
London, ON
N5X 3Y2
Phone: 519-963-8494
Across from White Oaks Mall
1080 Wellington Road
London, ON
N6E 1M2
Phone: 519-686-2160
Black's Photography
Masonville Place
1680 Richmond Street
London, ON
N6G 3Y9
Phone: 519-660-6777
White Oaks Mall
1105 Wellington Road
London, ON
N6A 3N7
Phone: 519-686-1401
Future Shop
1051 Wellington Road
London, ON
N6E 1W4
Phone: 519-680-1102
London North Centre
1855 Hyde Park Road
London, ON
N6H 0A3
Phone: 519-963-8284
Spectrum Wireless
6-100 Belmont Drive (at Wharncliff)
London, ON
N6J 3T4
Phone: 519-663-4231
Masonville Place
L026 - 1680 Richmond Street North
London, ON
N6G 3Y9
Phone: 519-679-7733
White Oaks Mall
151-1105 Wellington Rd
London, ON
N6E 1V4
Phone: 519-668-7342
The Mobile Shop
Richmond Street North
1740 Richmond Street North
London, ON
N5X 4E9
Phone: 519-673-1512
Loblaws Market
3040 Wonderland Rd S
London, ON
N6L 1A6
Phone: 519-685-2237
Oakridge Mall
Real Canadian Superstore
1205 Oxford Street
London, ON
N6H 1V8
Phone: 519-472-0980
Oxford & Gammage
825 Oxford Street E
London, ON
N5Y 3J8
Phone: 519-432-9697