Barrie TELUS Stores

Visit a Barrie TELUS store today for the latest Smartphones, iPhones, BlackBerry, Mobile Phones, Mobile Internet Devices, Prepaid and Bluetooth Accessories.

360 Mobile
3-18 Alliance Blvd
Barrie, ON
L4M 5A5
Phone: 705-733-3222
Best Buy Canada
Web Site:
Park Place
80 Concert Way Unit 2
Barrie, ON
L4N 6N5
Phone: 705-797-5330
Best Buy Mobile
Georgian Mall
B005 - 509 Bayfield Street
Barrie, ON
L4M 4Z8
Phone: 705-725-9780
Black's Photography
Georgian Mall
509 Bayfield Street
Barrie, ON
L4M 4Z8
Phone: 705-737-5144
Future Shop
Springwater Marketplace
B1-411 Bayfield Street
Barrie, ON
L4M 6E5
Phone: 705-727-4950
Point to Point Communications
38 Hooper Road
Barrie, ON
L4N 8Z9
Phone: 705-721-9877
Telequip Systems Limited
5 - 141 Wellham Road
Barrie, ON
L4N 8Y3
Phone: 705-722-8857
Georgian Mall
509 Bayfield St
Unit N018
Barrie, ON
L4M 4Z8
Phone: 705-730-0451
The Mobile Shop
472 Bayfield St
Barrie, ON
L4M 5A2
Phone: 705-725-1283
Essa Road
11 Bryne Drive
Barrie, ON
L4N 8V8
Phone: 705-737-1774
Big Bay Point
620 Yonge St
Barrie, ON
L4N 4E6
Phone: 705-725-9396