TELUS Plans & Services - Quebec

Data Add-ons

Data Add-ons


Your choice of data that fits your individual or family needs - from light to heavy usage, there's a data solution for everyone and every family.
  • $20/month: 500 MB
  • $25/month: 1 GB
  • $30/month: 2 GB
  • $50/month: 4 GB
  • $65/month: 6 GB
  • $85/month: 10 GB
Additional data usage: $5 per 100 MB for the first 15 MB, 5 per MB thereafter. Data used while roaming in the US is charged at $5/MB. Data used while roaming outside Canada and the US may vary by zone. Cannot be combined with any other data plan. Tethering included. Access to BlackBerry Enterprise Service is not included.

Mobile Internet Data Share

$10/$20 per month

Now you can access your shared Smartphone data from a tablet, mobile hotspot or Internet key when you take the Mobile Internet Data Share plan.
  • $20/month for Mobile Internet devices
  • $10/month for No Term Mobile Internet devices
This plan does not have any data included and is only able to access the shared data on the account. Mobile Internet Devices includes Mobile Internet Keys, Mobile Hot Spots and Smart Hubs.
Additional data usage will be charged at $5 per 100 MB for the first 1500 MB. Usage thereafter will be charged at 5 per MB.